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THAT Has Gluten?

Starting out on a gluten-free diet can be very confusing and overwhelming. Gluten can hide in some surprising places and in foods that you would never expect. The rule of shopping when you're gluten-free is ALWAYS READ THE LABEL - ingredients, nutrition label - all of it. For more in-depth information here is my post on gluten-free labeling.

  • Play-Doh

  • Soy Sauce

  • Imitation Krab

  • Spice Mixes – check the label

  • Rice and Oat Breakfast Cereals - wheat flour is often an ingredient and barley products are often used in the sweetener

  • Microwave Popcorn – most are gluten-free but read the label.

  • Cooking Sprays – some have flour, read the label

  • Creamy Soups (clam chowder, cream of mushroom, etc.)

  • licorice (Red Vines, Twizzlers)

  • instant coffees, flavored coffees

  • frozen vegetables in sauce

  • hot chocolate mixes (cross-contamination)

  • hot dogs

  • pickles made with malt vinegar

  • boullion cubes

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