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Grain-Free Energy Bites

I can’t decide if these little coconut frosted grain-free energy bites were inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii or this weekend’s blizzard on the east coast. They  have 3 coconut ingredients and are a perfect portable snack to keep you going while hiking along a Hawaiian beach or while shoveling your way out of your house. Either way, these are a great alternative to the store-bought “energy” bars that are often packed with sugar. You may be worried by the amount of fat, but fat is a much better, slow burning energy source. I’ve kept them grain-free because the roasted garbanzo beans provide plenty of carbohydrates and add a good amount fiber.

I have used coconut palm sugar and nectar as the sweetener and some naturally sweet, no sugar added, cashew butter to hold it all together. Cashew butter can be quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget, use unsweetened peanut butter instead. The coconut nectar syrup also helps to bind them together. If you can’t find it, agave or honey for non-vegans can be a good substitute.

Makes 12 1-ounce bites


1 cup roasted garbanzo beans* (The Good Bean or Chic A Peas are good brands) 2/3 cup unsweetened shredded coconut + 3 Tbsps for coating

1/2 cup cashew butter

2 Tbsps coconut palm sugar 1 Tbsp Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Nectar 1 Tbsp flax-seed meal 2 tsps cinnamon, add 1 more tsp if you love cinnamon

Place the garbanzo beans in the food processor and run for about 20 seconds or until there are no big pieces. It does not have to be completely ground to dust but all the beans should be broken in small pieces at least.

Place the ground beans in a mixing bowl and stir in the 2/3 c shredded coconut, coconut palm sugar, flax-seed meal and cinnamon.

Add the cashew butter and coconut nectar syrup and stir until all the dry ingredients are moistened. If the mixture seems dry add another tablespoon of cashew butter and a teaspoon of coconut nectar.

If you have a kitchen scale place the bowl on it and pull out 1 ounce of the mixture and gently roll into a ball. Without a scale you can eyeball about 2 Tbsps of mixture per ball.

Your hands will get quite sticky so giving them a rinse after rolling a few makes the process easier.

Roll the bites in the remaining shredded coconut (optional). These work best if stored in the refrigerator.

*Note: Do not use raw dry beans. The Good Bean and Chic A Peas are cooked, then roasted.


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