Gluten-Free Cooking Lessons

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Hands-on Gluten-Free Cooking Lessons

Wondering where to get gluten-free recipes and menus? Let me find out what you and your family like to eat, and create gluten-free cooking lessons especially for you.

I help you learn which foods are gluten-free, and show you and your family how to cook your favorite foods. You won’t just watch. You’ll learn hands-on techniques for creating everything from scrumptious gluten-free chicken to gluten-free cookie recipes. We’ll make sure that all the meals are prepared to your taste.

I’ll bring you a gluten-free food list for shopping, and spill-proof recipe cards for all the items prepared during the session. You’ll have all the information you need to cook the meal again. After several lessons you’ll have a great collection of gluten-free recipes to reach for.

Gluten-Free Menu Planning

I find that so many families with one Celiac or gluten-intolerant member feel the need to cook a separate gluten-free dish in addition to the regular meal. NO MORE. Together we will create menus that will satisfy everyone, gluten-free or not. I’ll create recipe cards and  shopping lists and will teach you techniques for gluten-free cooking that will save you time and energy. Check out some examples of my gluten-free menus.

Kid-Friendly Gluten-Free

Wish you could make gluten-free pasta, pizza, and macaroni and cheese? All the foods your kids love can be on your gluten-free menu. Find out how to sneak in nutritious vegetables without any grumbling from the little ones. My cooking lessons and gluten-free recipes teach you to create foods that are healthy and delicious. Check out my Blog where you’ll find recipes for kid friendly meals and snacks.

Easy Holiday Cooking

I believe that a gluten-free holiday meal can please all of your guests and family, gluten-free or not! Learn how to create a gluten-free Thanksgiving and year-round holiday meals, including gluten-free vegetarian recipes. Whip up gluten-free cakes, breads, and sauces that are so good, the rest of your guests will never guess they are gluten-free . . . and you’ll never tell.

Gluten-Free Pantry

Going gluten-free can be confusing. Let me update your pantry with gluten-free ingredients to replace the staples you use every day. With a dizzying array of gluten-free products now available, I take the guess-work out of shopping by providing you with a gluten-free shopping list and information on where to buy everything. I show you what to look for in a product, how to read the label and feel confident that you’ve chosen a gluten-free food.

Need help shopping to re-stock your pantry? I can bring all the gluten-free items to your kitchen. Everything you need to cook a delicious gluten-free meal will be right at your fingertips.

Get Gluten-Free Help by Phone

Do you live outside my area? You can still get my help by phone or Skype. Just send me an email to schedule an appointment to discuss your gluten-free needs.