My Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

There are probably thousands of options for baking mixes – gluten-free or not. So why did I decide to launch my own line of mixes with so much competition?

The #1 reason that I launched these products because I believe in them and want others to be able to enjoy them. My cinnamon coffee cake is addictively delicious, mygluten free baking mix, gluten free cake mix vanilla cake mix will stand up to any non-gluten free cake and win, my chocolate chip cookies will remind you of soft, home-baked cookies and I can never make enough of my oatmeal-lace chocolate chip cookies. All of my recipes are tested predominantly on people who eat gluten and the response is overwhelmingly positive. But great taste is not always enough to stand out in the crowd.

The second reason I launched baking mixes is that, whether or not you are gluten-free, variety in your diet is important. Americans eat a lot of wheat – in breads, pizza, pasta, breakfast cereals, cookies, cakes and in many other foods you might not expect. People on a gluten-free diet eat a lot of rice. Rice is usually the base for its wheat-based counterparts. I originally developed a gluten-free flour blend to add more variety to my own diet.

But I am never willing to compromise on flavor just because “it’s good for me.” While nutrition is important, I eat because I love yummy food. After a little bit of experimenting I created a blend with several different grains which made cakes and cookies that tasted even better than wheat-based or rice-based cakes and cookies. This was just a happy side-effect but is also what sealed the deal for me.

These recipes have allowed me to feed gluten-free and gluten-eaters alike without worrying if “it’s good enough.”